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Anne Zouroudi

‘A wonderful depiction of life in rural Greece, a plot full of curious characters and mysterious developments, and a detective who’s a mixture of Poirot, Marlowe and Clarence the angel from It’s A Wonderful Life – this book is a real delight, refreshing and original.’
Morning star


New website!

Welcome to Anne’s new website! We hope you enjoy the fresh new look…

Hermes on TV!

Great news for Greek detective fans who’ve been waiting for Anne’s books to be televised – UK production company Genesius Pictures have taken out an option to bring the Hermes to the small screen. Genesius produce beautiful, artistic work and are currently looking to tie in writers, a producer and yes – cast. The debate on who should play Hermes may soon be resolved!

Magical Ithaca

Over the summer, Anne’s been to magical Ithaca – home to Odysseus and one of Greece’s most idyllic islands. Such a special place, and such cheerful, smiley people – its beauty, spirit and mythical connections make it the perfect place for a new Hermes adventure…


The Messenger of Athens

Greek Detective Mystery Book 1

A young woman’s battered body is found on a remote Greek island, but local police quickly dismiss her death as an accident. But then a stranger arrives from Athens, announcing his intention to investigate further. His methods are unorthodox as the white shoes he wears, and he brings his own mystery into the web of dark secrets and lies. Who has sent him? On whose authority is he acting? And how does he know of dramas played out decades ago?

The Doctor of Thessaly

Greek Detective Mystery Book 3

A jilted bride weeps on an empty beach, a local doctor is attacked in a lonely churchyard – trouble’s come at a bad time to the village of Morfi, just as the community is making headlines with a visit from a national government minister. Hermes Diaktoros must solve a brutal crime in the face of the victim’s inexplicable objections, as always using his own uniquely unorthodox methods.

The Whispers of Nemesis

Greek Detective Mystery Book 5

As snow falls in the mountain village of Vrisi, a coffin is unearthed and broken open, revealing some unexpected remains. The discovery sets tongues wagging, but when a body is found buried beneath the fallen snow, it seems the truth behind both the body and the coffin may be far stranger than the villagers’ wildest imaginings. Hermes Diaktoros finds himself embroiled in Vrisi’s mysteries, which seem inextricably linked to the enigmatic last will and testament of Greece’s most admired modern poet.

The Feast of Artemis

Greek Detective Mystery Book 7

As the olive harvest draws to a close in the town of Dendra, Hermes Diaktoros arrives for a celebratory festival expecting an indulgent day of food and wine. But as young men leap a blazing bonfire in feats of daring, one of them is badly burned. Did he fall, or was he pushed? As Hermes learns of a deep-running feud between two families, one of their patriarchs dies. There’s a bitter trail running through the olive groves, leading to the discovery of deeds dark enough to provoke someone in the small community to murder.  

The Taint of Midas

Greek Detective Mystery Book 2

A ruined temple has been in the care of an aged beekeeper for over fifty years, but when the value of the land soars, he is persuaded through unscrupulous means to sign away his interests. Hours later, he meets a violent, lonely end. Many stand to gain from the beekeeper’s death, and Hermes resolves to avenge his old friend, using methods to track down the culprit which are, as ever, unorthodox.

The Lady of Sorrows

Greek Detective Mystery Book 4

Hermes Diaktoros visits a remote island which is home to an ancient icon famed for its miraculous powers. But something about the Virgin troubles him, and Hermes calls on an old friend to confirm his suspicions that the icon is a fake. Then the island’s icon painter is found dead at sea. Did he die of natural causes or by a wrathful hand? What secret is a dishonest gypsy keeping? And what haunts the ancient catacombs beneath the bishop’s house?

The Bull of Mithros

Greek Detective Mystery Book 6

The island of Mithros draws many visitors, all hoping to find its legendary lost artefact, a fabled bull. A boat moored in a bay draws no attention until a game of cards ends in one of the crew being thrown overboard and abandoned by his colleagues. Lacking money or identification, he is forced to stay on Mithros, where to some, his face seems familiar.  Hermes Diaktoros’s arrival coincides with a violent death which has echoes in the past, and it soon becomes apparent that the missing bull may be the least of the island’s shadowy mysteries.

The Gifts of Poseidon

Greek Detective Mystery Book 8

A body discovered in a remote cove on the Greek island of Liteos turns out to be an entrepreneur who was planning a new future for the island’s fishermen. But though the fabulous golden-scaled fish Liteos was famed for have long since vanished, not everyone welcomed the dead man’s vision. As the islanders sizzle in the summer heat, Hermes Diaktoros enters a world of lively red herrings, where the ties of blood are strong and the truth is painstakingly obscured.

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